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Princess Savannah
Need to share a fantasy with someone who actually knows what to do with them?
Im Princess Savannah, ed
a spoiled hot tease that ALWAYS gets her way! I enjoy all sorts of roleplay, humiliation, fetish, kinky, cock stroking instruction, teasing and denial, spanking, dressing up sissys, cbt and many other forms of Domination.
I also like listening to you grovel at my feet while I laugh at you or even better get in your mind and figure out what pushes your buttons and use it to my advantage. I also enjoy black mail, extortion and cash cows. I love dressing up sissies and panty boys.
Need to be fucked with a strap on? How about some hardcore verbal humiliation? Got a tiny cock? LOL I know you have your secret stash of your girlie things dont you sissy?
I really like when you have your webcam ready for me so I can see you in action while you prance around in your sissy outfit or get involved with one of my cock stroking sessions. Or maybe you just want to share a fantasy with me. I am very open minded and a good listener and enjoy roleplay and medical sessions.

Losers looking for free chat/advice guess what? Do not even bother!!! Your bullshit emails and slick tricks are well known in the BDSM circle and it takes one click and your broke ass is blocked! I DO NOTHING FOR FREE!!! My VIP clients are the only ones who get anything special (you know who you are) Do not even try to waste my time, you will get nothing!
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at the bar princess in yellow travels in London
having fun dancing hot in pink! casual Savannah