I am so glad to see this summer starting to wind down. I do not like hot weather. I would rather be in the snow all year long!! I have had fun spending time with friends and cooking up some great dishes!! Nothing better then a group of friends and a cookout! Of course you losers would never get to come to one of my parties, Breast
you are not worthy!! The only ones I would allow are my well trained sissy boys and my very special recruit!! I would have the recruit assigned to all sorts of duties while me and my friends kept a close eye on him making sure he didnt screw up! He will never be free from me, not now not ever!! I had a great time talking to Tabby the other day!! It has been such a long time and I love making her my office BITCH!! Yep a typing pool secretary working for yours truly!! hahaha! Great fun!! I will be available all this upcoming week except on Tuesday!!! August jerk off assignment WILL be sent out ASAP!!

Judging by all the madness out in town I can tell many people are waiting to the last second to run out and grab anything to satisfy their wives. I see the desperation on their faces as they rummage through the picked over bins at the stores in the mall and it makes me so glad I have such great guys that get me what I truly want!! I will be working everyday except Sunday! I will be opening the lovely pile of presents I have received from my awesome slaves and fetish guys!!

I want to thank Mystery Shopper for the HUGE gift card to Tiffanys!! WOW you made my day!! Also to BB for the nice package from Godiva. I am wondering where in the heck my recruit is! I am sure he is up to his neck in guests and wine by now, nurse
BUT I do expect to hear from him!! It is time to get back on track with your drills and your guard duty!! I want to wish each and everyone one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thanks for making me the number one Niteflirt Princess!!!