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Princess Savannah

WOW is it really already March? I am glad because the Spring time weather is beautiful. I got to train with my FAVORITE recruit from Canada!! He was kind enough to send me a wonderful tribute and we went over his upcoming training schedule. Recruit I know you are reading this and you have very little telephone time…. Now that the snow should be melting, human enhancement
your upcoming guard duty will be expected!! NO EXCUSES!! I also hope you have looked for your new fatigues! 🙂 It is always a pleasure to train with my recruit and listen to him as he marches around in his high heels!! Hopefully we will be able to talk real soon!!

Dream4u~ Has hit a new record with fun calls. Dreamy travels for a living and always calls me from his hotel and switches on his cam for total action. I have to admit it is the crazy stuff he does that makes me die laughing!! Forced eating has never been so much fun!!! LOL

Thanks for all the early St. Patricks Day goodies!! You boys really know how to spoil a Princess!!! So far I have gotten lovely homemade soap from my Irish sissy, A beautiful collection of crystal was sent fom Bill from Waterford (Ireland). A set of Irish linen from Paulw and three gift cards from Engilbeebee.

I love getting presents and you guys are the best!! I will be available for training starting today March 2nd and working right through till March 8th. I am available daytimes starting early morning EST. If you need a special time, please message me!

Here are some photos of me from Valentines Day with my goodies!!! THANK YOU mystery man!! you made my holiday soooo much better!!